B&W Street Photography, Chicago 1969-1970, Street Photography

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Lincoln Park Social Club


Precarious Game

Hard Core

Inside or Out

Young Blood

State Street

Street wise


El Ghosts


Lincoln Park Cathedral



Subway Reader

Bad News

Chicago Profile

Window Dressing

Early Morning Game

The Nine’s A Lead Pipe


Akadama Mama

Solo Swing

Bill Flossie

Bill Flossie Lincoln Park

Xmas State Street

Old Friends

Shadow to Substance

prowling corners of an argyle alley

a playful voice called from the back…hey tony

it was charlie…the sportive younster’d fixed

his exaggerated shadow on a white dumpster surface

he called to let me in on the antic

and to extend its gist on film

the ten-year old had struck a pose

flexing large black arms at an angle

so that the thrown shadow was a vagrant mix

of african & eastern art

Argyle Diner


Peace aand Salvation

Where is Freedom